Foundation Course in Group Analysis

Due to the Covoid19 pandemic and the need for physical distancing measures for an undefined period we have decided to pause the IGA Foundation and Diploma courses at Turvey until September 2021.

This has been a difficult decision to make but it feels necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of all and the integrity of the block trainings we offer, as well as to safeguard our Brothers in the Monastery.

The Turvey Groupwork trainings combine theory and experiential learning in a concentrated block format which we believe needs to be offered in person to facilitate active and deep learning in groupwork. There is a long tradition of Group Analytic trainings at Turvey, we feel this cannot be fully replicated on line and the holistic experience belongs in the Group set in the tranquil, rural setting of the Monastery.

Turvey Group work will be offering a series of online Group Analytic events and resources throughout 2020 / 21 including therapy groups, Reflective Practice Groups, clinical supervision, workshops, Seminars.

Details of these will be available in due course, how ever if you have a particular interest in any of the above or would like to propose an event then please do contact us.

Please do contact us for more information about any of our events and resources or to enquire about Foundation and Diploma Courses which we are hoping to re-establish in September 2021.

Turvey Groupwork online group analytic events and resources

This course is suitable for anyone who has an interest in working with groups, including mental health workers, such as doctors, psychologists, nurses, occupational therapists etc, as well as counsellors, teachers, managers, probation officers, prison staff, voluntary workers and others."

Director: Andy Espey, Member Institute of Group Analysis.

Course Convenor: Jo Edwards, Member institute of Group Analysis.

Other Staff: Lucy Chessum, Member institute of Group Analysis and Justin Phipps, Member institute of Group Analysis.


The Theory: Jo Edwards

The seminars provide an introduction to the psychodynamic theory underlying Group Analysis. On Saturday mornings there are two sessions with a guest speaker, usually a senior member of the IGA.

Other seminars and workshops explore further the practicalities of working with groups in various settings (NHS, Social Services, Private Practice, Counselling etc.)
Students will be invited to participate actively by presenting relevant papers.
In other seminars students can, if they wish, present their own work situation and discuss problems they experience there.
A reading list is provided as soon as students have registered for the course.

The Group Experience: Lucy Chessum and Justin Phipps

Although the 45 hours spent in an experiential group can only provide an introduction, it is also true that the participants discover quite a few things:

About themselves as they seek to relate to each other in the group on a personal level.
About therapeutic groups: which experiences can be helpful and which might be potentially harmful.
About the skills of a group conductor: how to cope with the stress which working with therapeutic groups inevitably brings about; how to facilitate communication and how to safeguard group boundaries etc.
About the limitations of group therapy, concerning one's own suitability and also its use for others.

Further Training

The Foundation Course in Group Analysis can be used as a stand-alone course but is also a requirement for further professional development: via the Diploma Course, to qualify as a Groupwork Practitioner; or to become a Group Analyst by completing the Qualifying Course of the IGA.

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